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The 2014-2015 Annual Report for Ohio-Based QDA Shows High School Ratings

qda_studentsParents in search of alternative learning opportunities for their children often use school ratings to make the final decision. Institutions with high test scores and graduation rates are ideal as the data suggests that their methods lead to academic success for the majority of their students. Most of these award-winning schools can be found throughout the Summit County, Ohio; Stark County, Ohio; Tuscarawas County, Ohio; and Cuyahoga County, Ohio areas. However, not all of them fit the traditional mold of what a school should be. The brick and mortar environment simply isn’t a good fit for every student, which is why online schooling is at an all-time high. Those who are intrigued by the prospect of cyber education will be pleased to learn that Ohio-based QDA is one organization that has exceeded state standards.

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